6 Reasons Why You Have Toothache

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What Is A ToothAche?

A toothache or pain in the tooth is a highly unbearable situation that is either a sudden occurrence or has been there;

And you had been ignoring it until you could.

Even if you had it checked by the dentist some weeks earlier,

You need to schedule another visit to address whatever it may be before it gets serious.

Here are six reasons that may cause sudden toothache:

1.Tooth decay

It is one of the significant causes of toothache. Tooth decay happens due to poor oral care and leads to the formation of holes in the tooth. If you don’t get it treated quickly, you may end up losing your tooth.

Toothache in Tooth decay

2.Gum disease

Gum disease can be the reason for your toothache. The majority of American adults have gum diseases, according to the American dental association. It gets noticeable in its advanced stage, and toothache is an alarm to this condition. A toothache may be a sign that your gum disease is getting severe.

Toothache in Gum disease

3.Wisdom teeth

If the toothache is in the back section of your mouth(your molars), it may be a sign that your wisdom teeth are stuck in your gums, and they are trying hard to show in your mouth. This situation is called tooth impaction. You need to visit a dentist and have them removed. The impacted tooth can cause tooth decay even if it doesn’t show in the mouth.

Wisdom teeth


Also known as disordered teeth, malocclusion happens when your upper teeth meet the lower teeth incorrectly. Malocclusion can be corrected by using orthodontic devices, e.g., braces.

Toothache in Malocclusion

5.Teeth grinding

If you have a habit of grinding your teeth and don’t even know it can cause toothache or pain in your jaw, which can mimic toothaches.

Toothache in Bruxism

It is advisable to visit a dentist and find that your toothache is not indicative of a more severe condition than to ignore a worsening gum disease or tooth decay. Get that pain checked timely.

6.Chewed on hard food

Another reason that will cause sudden toothache is chewing by mistake on any hard substance like bone or a stone. It can turn into an emergency situation. Trying on-off-the-counter painkillers will help relieve pain to some extent. Still, if the pain persists, I’m afraid you will have to visit the dentist to rule out any tooth fractures.

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