How To Make Teeth White Naturally From Yellow

A person’s smile can be one of their most distinguishing features. However, the color of one’s teeth can greatly impact their overall appearance. While white teeth are often associated with health and attractiveness, yellow teeth can indicate poor dental hygiene or lifestyle habits.

How To Make Teeth White Naturally From Yellow (A Simple Guide)

Teeth are not supposed to be pearly white. Teeth naturally have a yellow shade due to the dentin under the enamel.

We first need to understand the logic behind yellowing teeth then we can make our teeth white naturally from Yellow. One area where teeth are most likely to get pigment is enamel (the outer layer of teeth). Because of its porous structure, pigments can get inside if long term not clean and reach the dentin (the inner layer), giving teeth a yellow appearance.

If it is hard to understand, then I can give a simple example,

yellow teeth smiling

Imagine the teeth layers are like the clothes we wear, the enamel is the coat, and the dentin is the T-shirt. Your friend poured Coke on your clothes, like the colouring in the food we eat. If we don’t wash them, these stains will remain on our outer garments (enamel), and then these stains will seep into our t-shirts (dentin). This means that if we don’t clean our teeth every time we eat,

The pigments in the food will stay in the enamel and slowly seep into the dentin. If the pigments were only in the enamel, we needed to brush our teeth correctly. If the pigment has penetrated the dentin, the cleaning process will be more difficult, but a professional dental clinic can still solve this problem.

But Still you will have options to Make Teeth White Naturally From Yellow by following the below mwntioned methods.

Two methods to banish the Yellow from your teeth.

Try each one for 90 days to decide which you like best. These are movie star tested!

  1. Julia Roberts method:Brush your teeth twice a day with nothing but plain baking soda. Dip your damp toothbrush into the soda. It would help if you had a mound of it on your brush. Use a mouthwash after, preferably one that contains fluoride, since baking soda has none. It may take up to three months for teeth to get fully bright, especially if you smoke or like coffee/tea.
  2. Joan Collins method: Brush your teeth with regular, commercially prepared toothpaste twice a day as you normally would; except every other evening, instead of toothpaste, brush your teeth with sea salt. If the brand of sea salt you buy comes in COARSE and FINE, opt for the FINE texture. If it does not come in different textures, don’t worry about it. Sea Salt will make your mouth throb and tingle, but the sensation goes away within 30 minutes after brushing.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and adopt proper brushing techniques with both of these methods.

Don’t try to make your teeth get whiter faster by scrubbing hard. the natural abrasion in both methods will remove the Yellow on its own. Just be patient. Besides, hard scrubbing, even with regular toothpaste, can cause damage.

How to clean and protect our teeth after eating these foods and make teeth white naturally from Yellow:

Do you feel that your teeth are not smooth or even astringent every time you drink red wine? That’s because red wine also contains tannins, and the tannins in red wine are higher than those in coffee.

Every time You drink red wine, there will always be a little red residue on Your teeth. It is conceivable what a horrible pigmentation our teeth are going through when drinking red wine. So, if choosing white wine instead of red wine would be a wise choice, the answer is no.

Because white wine is more acidic than red wine, drink in moderation, not only for your body but also for your teeth. (Remember not to try mixing white and red wines, which may make your teeth more yellow.)

In addition to the “black” drinks and red wine mentioned above, too many foods can turn our teeth yellow, such as black vinegar, ketchup, cranberries, blueberries, mulberries, cherries, etc. It is impossible not to eat any of the above foods.

1. Rinse mouth immediately after eating and drinking

Because most of the above foods are acidic, gargling can effectively balance the pH in the mouth. And gargling can take away most of the food residues and liquid residues in the mouth, effectively preventing pigmentation.

2. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth can also help us physically remove the pigment left on the surface of the teeth, but we must remember not to brush our teeth immediately after eating acidic foods; please brush your teeth after 30 minutes after eating. In addition, please remember to use the Bass brushing method because only in this way can you effectively clean the residual material on each tooth surface. If you can’t do it, please try to use an electric toothbrush. The frequency and amplitude of the vibration of an electric toothbrush can also help remove bacteria better.

3. Teeth cleaning

Go to the dentist every six months to complete teeth cleaning. It can also help us remove pigmentation from your teeth’ surface.

4. Use a water flosser

A water flosser is the latest oral care product developed in the 21st century. It can help us clean the liquid and food residues between the teeth that we don’t usually notice.

In the above, we know the causes of yellowing teeth and how to avoid them. In addition, we cannot ignore the following points:

1. Due to genetic problems, some people have yellower dentin than others from birth.

2. Some people have had trauma to their teeth, resulting in the death of the tooth nerve. Then there is no blood circulation in the tooth, and the blood clot will stay in it forever, so the tooth will also appear yellow-grey.

3. Some people have yellow teeth due to taking some medicines, such as Tetracycline.

4. Tooth aging, because as we get older, our teeth will also get older, and the background colour of the teeth will gradually turn yellow after aging. If you are in this group of people, ordinary whitening methods can no longer help you solve these yellow teeth problems. So I suggest you need to seek professional treatment from a dentist.

Prevention is better than cure. Brushing your teeth after meals will help to prevent some stains. Dentists recommend that you rinse your mouth with water after having wine, coffee, or other drinks or foods that can cause teeth staining. Regular cleanings also will help to remove surface stains.

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